jeudi 21 juillet 2011

LVT(a)4 1/72

Hello everyone, for to aerate my head in the build of my MT-LB, i've decided to paint my little LVT(a)4 in Iwo Jima.

The difficult is for the weathering, Iwo Jima is a volcanic island (the sand is black)

Now, the result:

Hope you like

lundi 11 juillet 2011

MT-LB 1/35 (WIP)

Hello everyone, that's my latest project, the MT-LB from Skif in 1/35.

For this project, i've used an etched set from Eduard, the set of correct wheel from Armo/ Jadar, Friulmodel metal track and the plasticard (much)

After five day of work, that's the result:

Hope you like